Sean Weathers (’23) shares a poem and describes his unique creative process. “…I learned a lot about myself and how I express creativity as someone with ADHD and how I work with it, instead of against it.”

When You Open the mind

A nebula of information greets you

One perspective only shows so much

Take a second, look around

The inviting sea of colors

Some you have never even seen

The nebula is always changing

Take a look, every second changes something

More perspectives show infinitely more

The colors only get more beautiful

Just open your mind

Allow the other perspectives to flow in

leading you down your path to understanding

There’s never enough time on this earth

Why not explore the endless colors while you can


Creativity has always interested me, the different ways people express themselves. Over my years here with Skyline I’ve tried to be as creative as possible by taking multiple classes that allow freedom of expression. In doing this, I learned a lot about myself and how I express creativity as someone with ADHD and how I work with it, instead of against it..

I’m always expressing my creativity. More often than not I have several projects going at the same time, which is super helpful for me personally because I’m able to break things down. For example, say I lose inspiration for one project and instead of feeling like I’m getting nothing done, I move to my next project and get some things done regarding that project. This helps my brain understand that I’m still doing something productive. This gets my mind thinking of more ways that the project can go, which in turn gives me other ideas for that other project I have going on. Then all of the sudden I have inspiration again and I’m able to continue my projects.

Creativity can never be confined to one box, everyone expresses their creative side differently. I think that being in the writing center has given me an opportunity to see what other people love doing, what they do with their creativity. Just listening to someone else talk about what they’re doing creatively, can be a really eye opening experience because you can see a little bit into how their mind runs. Everyone works just a little differently and I think it’s important to understand this because it can help you become someone who can easily understand others. 

The more perspectives you have and learn, the more you fill in the unknown.

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