Combatting Senioritis

Soon-to-be-graduating Senior Nina Taleb Bendiab (’23) offers advice for this year and next year’s Seniors on battling senioritis. “…we all need to remember and honor the immense effort being put into all the time and work to get us here.”

Many of us have heard of the term senioritis: the ever growing disease in high school seniors. The lack of motivation drops below freezing, the yearning to go to college is amplified, and everyone is itching to be done with school and experience the freedom that summer brings. But, it is important we don’t let this fall of motivation take over and diminish all the hard work we have put in the past 4 years. It is definitely easier said than done, so how do we combat this burn out ? 

A study from the University Southern New Hampshire (USNH)  suggested a couple tips to help one with feeling burnt out during and even some preventative tips. An academic advisor from USNH  described senioritis as “seeing the finish line and realizing you don’t necessarily have to work as hard anymore to reach it,” (Tincher).  Feeling less motivated towards the end of the year can manifest in different ways for everyone. Some techniques might be more effective than others or vice versa.

Keep goals set in the future: Keeping goals set for the future allows you to still find the why behind what you are doing. The magnitude of goals can vary, yet any goal is a great motivational catalyst. Goals also allow you to have something to look forward to. Many times the fun parts of senior year seem so far away leaving students feeling discouraged. But, keeping little things to look forward to in the coming months can help students feel a purpose for the rest of the school year.

Stay organized: As the school year ends there are lots of events and activities happening. It can be easy to let schoolwark fall on the back burner and forget what needs to be done when. Also, becoming disorganized and missing assignments and such initially, could heighten procrastination in turn. Keeping an online calendar or writing in a planner are some ways that you can visually see what needs to be done.

Incentives are your friend: Whether they are big or little, rewards can be helpful to keep going. The incentives can vary based on what fits you! Whether it’s watching a couple episodes of a show, going out to eat or just as simple as small breaks in between homework or studying, they can all be great options . Keeping enjoyable or less stressful moments in times of low motivation can help people finish out their tasks while also doing their best.

We all know the end of the year can be a challenging time and we all just want to be done. With that being said we all need to remember and honor the immense effort being put into all the time and work to get us here. I hope everyone can use and tailor these tips so you continue to succeed throughout the end of the year.

One thought on “Combatting Senioritis”

  1. Nina, this is such a relatable piece. Seeing all my senior friends slumped over school these past months shows how real senioritis is. It’s important to acknowledge this and you did a great job with your wording to express this.


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