One take on one take writing

Lucius Webster (’23) meditates on the value of one take writing, “Your writing was meant to be, your writing was meant to exist, and then float away like a wish lantern.”

Anyway he told me, God’s plan is like a beautiful tapestry, and the tragedy of being human is that we only get to see it from the back. With all the ragged threads and the muddy colors. We only get a hint at the beauty of what would be revealed if we could see the whole pattern, on the other side. As God does. – Daredevil

It’s been some time since I’ve created the space. The time. The energy and the freedom to write like this. I sit here now surrounded by noise yet filled with my music, a poetry of its own. Clear minded and free. Shunning distractions is step one, and I don’t mean all the noise around you or the arguments, not even the birds chirping. I mean the mess of your emotions, the influenced actions, the hurt parts of you that are failing to acknowledge the beauty of your existence. So once again, Just breathe. In through your head out through your chest. Direct the motion of your air, the motion of your stress, control it. For you’re the only person that can. Step two, be honest, with your wrongs, your rights, your maybes and your ignorance. Be honest with the choices you have made for they make you who you are and you are beautiful. Now both of these steps may not come all the time, they might not fit into the everyday timeline and that is
ok. So, even though if you ask me I’ll deny I have one, this is my process. Oh, and the most important part, step three, the music. Though I guess it doesn’t have to be music, choose something that fills you with peace, with thought, not something to listen to or understand, just peaceful thought. Now if you have made it this far I hope you’re not still reading, and instead writing. Writing until your mind empties. Writing until you feel at peace with the hardships
you’ve overcome.

I’ll wait for you to finish…

Hopefully by the time you’ve come to a conclusion you read this instead of what you wrote. Your writing was not for your judgment, or anyone else’s. Your writing was meant to be, your writing was meant to exist, and then float away like a wish lantern. The more you read, the more your emotion changes, the more your judgment comes back, the judgment we spent so long eliminating. So if you have the time to finish your one take writing, try step four. Take your
laptop or piece of paper, put it away. In a place of closure turn your music up. And float away.

Float away where time doesn’t matter, where your stress is not real and improve yourself once more.

One thought on “One take on one take writing”

  1. This was really insightful to read. I struggle with judgment quite a lot in my own writing and I often forget that writing is for me, not other people. This was an important reminder that writing’s allowed to exists and it doesn’t have to serve a purpose or be groundbreaking. It’s also a reminder that over-analyzing your work a million times doesn’t always help you improve it. It’s okay to just let your work be an authentic representation of your emotions at the moment, and I think that’s a beautiful idea that I hadn’t thought of before.


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